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Mother the Mother

Dr. Jenny provides holistic care to women and families.  The practice is devoted to the process of birth and supporting the family.  As a licensed Chiropractor and certified Mercier Therapy practitioner, Dr. Jenny offers comprehensive support for women’s health including the full spectrum of the perinatal period with a on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and pediatrics. Tuning in to your entire body, mind and spirit during your healing session, you will leave feeling restored inside and out.



Chiropractic Care


Mercier Therapy

Chiropractic moves and gently releases tension stored in the body. Releasing these restrictions in the spine and other areas of the body is immensely helpful by positively influencing the neurology of the body and relief from pain is common. Tuning in to what a person innately needs takes time and longer format appointments are offered. Adjustments include any assortment of heat, high-grade essential oils, deep tissue massage, or taping of fascial restriction, depending on what is needed. Learn more…


Mercier Therapy is dedicated to releasing tight tissues in the area of the pelvis. Deep massage to your womb is external, gentle and intentional. This work is powerful and is best known for greatly helping with fertility, and also for any conditions of the pelvis that could benefit from healing (endometriosis, PCOS, painful cycle, irregular cycles and more)

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I allow the healing power in my body to manifest perfect health.
— Louise Hay