Integrate Your Care

The West side location offers a wealth of holistic healers all within one healing space.

Combining your care has a synergistic effect that provides powerful health benefits for your whole being.


Mother Nurture Wellness - Laura Erlich, LAc, FABORM

From gynecology and women's health to the childbearing cycle, motherhood and into peri/menopause, Laura consults and successfully treats patients in her West Los Angeles center and oversees treatment and programming at Mother Nurture Wellness.

Beginning her studies in traditional Chinese medicine, Laura’s focus has held steady on the specialty of women’s health, with an emphasis in fertility and obstetric care. This interest formed from her longstanding career, when she supported women as a birth doula and a pre and postnatal massage therapist.

After graduating summa cum laude from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Laura founded a progressive holistic medicine practice in Southern California, specializing in gynecology, infertility, IVF support, conscious conception and prenatal care. Now, with over two decades experience as a leading practitioner in the Los Angeles birthing community, she continues to guide women to optimal wellness in her roles as an acupuncturist, herbalist, birth doula, writer, instructor, mentor and group leader.


Randi Kofsky, CMT 

Randi Kofsky is a Bodyworker and Cranial Sacral Therapy Practitioner and has practiced full-time for 12 years. Her bodywork style combines Trigger Point Release and Myo-fascial Release (Deep Tissue) with Cranial Sacral Therapy. She's certified in Pregnancy Massage and also works with Babies experiencing issues with feeding, digestion and posture.

In addition to working with pre/post-natal women, Randi has experience in helping people pre/post surgery as well as sports-related and injuries Randi is also versed in structural/postural complications that stem from overuse and lack of movement at the workplace. She finds her skill set often enhances client's rehab and recovery when working with Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and other Holistic professionals and as a result, she enjoys many cross referral relationships with health professionals. Randi also about to begin a separate private practice as a psychotherapist.


Jessi Heinze, esthetician and certified functional medicine coach

A licensed Esthetician and Certified Functional Medicine Coach, Jessi offers a comprehensive, whole-body approach to skincare by looking at the full spectrum of health in relation to the skin: everything from diet to emotions. Self-compassion, lymphatic flow, and the whole-person perspective are the foundation of Jessi’s transformative practice.


Ame Damaso, integrative nutrition health coach

Ame offers her clients one-on-one integrated support for overall improved wellness. In her sessions, you will discuss your health goals, your current diet, and lifestyle. Together you will put together an action plan that will help you reach your health and wellness goals, providing support and guidance along the way.


Erin Giugno, green beauty skin stylist

In my early twenties, I had acne that felt unresolvable. I tried everything including prescription medication and harsh treatments. Nothing worked. I made the decision to start over and trust my intuition, and find gentler replacements to enhance my sensitive skin. This began an obsession with finding products for every part of my routine: skin care, body care, makeup, and hair products. Since then, I have become the go-to resource for my friends, offering my advice for makeup shopping and assorted skin woes.

Now I bring that expertise to improving your routine. I know how your skin can affect your self-esteem, and how overwhelming it can be to navigate product reviews, new brand launches, and multiple-step regimes. Let me guide you to products that work, and let’s shed those that don’t.